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After serving twenty years in police work, I retired as a detective where I also supervised a departmental fitness program. Additionally I was the lead fitness trainer at the University of Akron's Law Enforcement training Center from 2000-2008. I am currently an ISSA Certified Elite Fitness Trainer as well as Specialist in Fitness Nutrition and Specialist in Exercise Therapy as well as a Youth Fitness Trainer.   Previous certifications include Physical Fitness Specialist through the Ohio Police Officer Training Academy and Certified Strength Trainer through Nautilus.

My hobbies include travel, rugby, model railroading, working out and SCUBA diving. 

Scott Garan
As Kent is the home of a university, cats are often discarded as students leave for the summer or graduate.   Chloe was found hanging around the gym covered in fleas and bloody.   After getting here tested for diseases and getting her the help she needed, Chloe became the "gym cat."   

Chloe can often be found darting around the gym, watching clients train. While darting around constitutes cardio, Chloe, does no weight training that I know of. 

Chloe enjoys eating and chasing her tail.

Garan's Fitness Fun and Facts


by Scott Garan on 11/17/17

So this is part of the posts I have been making about my journey through my CHF.   As stated, to keep from boring you, I only share when I think someone may get something out of what I share.   As indicated,  I have a heart cath Monday and I have to admit I am scared.  Everyone tells me how easy it is, but truth be told I am sure anyone that has went through it must have been concerned.  

Now I am not afraid of dying as I literally feel I have been living on borrowed time for years.   As a cop, I have been hit by cars, and had guns pointed at me among other things.   In life I played rugby, been a SCUBA diver and so many other things that could have caused my death.   Death does no scare me as I have made peace with my God.   Hell, he has allowed me many things, including marrying Melanie whom I truly love, having a great second career as a personal trainer, having a great Masonic career, being a SCUBA diver and being in the movies to name a few, that I simply cannot complain.

The thing I am afraid of, is  NOT being there for Melanie or other people that count on me!   All I can ask is that those that love me, move on when I am done.   I have loved every minute I have been with each of you!   I have no concerns.

I think what is most funny about this, is that it wasn’t my Bible or some great Sage or some elaborate studies that brought me to this conclusion,  but instead my animals.   Today I was washing dishes and was looking out the window and suddenly my cat Jones scrambled up the drive in front of me, full of life.   Jones at 11 years old doesn’t seem to care about how long he lives.  Instead he lives in the moment and enjoys every second he is here!   My German Shepherd Gus is my playboy!   He, at 9 years old will literally play Frisbee until I force him to stop because he is breathing so heard I get worried about him.      Brindy is the Pit that was emaciated and that had a broken femur that someone hung on my doorknob 9 years ago.   We nursed her back to health and had her femur pinned to make it right.   This little girl is my lover.   When I am on the couch or in bed she is pinned to me, even after all these years.

You see, I think we humans worry too much!  I am worried about life, but in the end THAT is not a concern.   I had my fun!   The only real concern I have is caring for Melanie and the one’s I love.   I pray that I bought enough insurance for her and left her enough things to survive IF I would die, or WHEN I would die.   Still, I want to be Jones and Gus!   Make sure things are taken care of and then just go forward into life at full bore and TAKE IT!


Cardio exercise update!

by Scott Garan on 11/10/17

So I upped my cardio to 27 minutes of interval training! My goal is a minimum of 30. Then did pushing exercises which are essentially shoulders, chest and tri's! The great thing is I did bench press for the first time since I went into the hospital. I went light, but it was great being with brother iron and sister steel!

Why diets fail!

by Scott Garan on 11/05/17

Dieting failures are often blamed on a lack of willpower, but is there another reason some fail and some are a success?   The answer is yes!   Recent research has indicated that essentially most of us will fail at dieting if we simply rely upon our willpower alone.   I will skip all the science behind this, but in short our psychology has a lot to do with our failure.

As you can guess, failure is often caused by our emotions.   The actual necessity to feed ourselves can actually not have anything to do with the failure.   When we are hungry and the body is actually telling us we need food, it usually comes in the form of hunger pains or something like that.  This is when we SHOULD eat as the body is telling us we need more fuel.

 Appetite however is when our brain kicks in and says, “I have this negative feeling, and to avoid it we should eat some comfort food.”   While the comfort food can be unique for each of us, the response is usually the same.   We give in to these urges!  

Essentially, we try to cover up whatever is concerning us by changing the emotion to joy by eating something we like.   This is essentially our brains trying to mask what is bothering us.  

If you feel this is something you do, I suggest keeping a journal when you get the urge to binge!   Ask yourself what is bothering you?   Are you attempting to put off something you should do like studying for a test, housework, or something else you know you should be doing but are trying to avoid?   Is something upsetting you and you are attempting to cover it up by eating?   If so, would calling a friend and sharing your concern be more effective then eating a pizza by yourself?

Most people know that we can binge eat because of our emotions, but many fail to actually examine the problem and just go ahead and eat the whole bag of candy!   If you have been trying to diet but continue to fail, it is imperative that you look at WHY you are failing.   The log book can be a good reference for you to start pinning down WHY you are failing at your diet.   Perhaps the way we stay on track with our diets is not on willpower alone, but by understanding why we are bingeing in the first place!



First visit with the cardiologist

by Scott Garan on 10/31/17

So I haven’t posted about my CHF in a while simply because not much has changed.   My meals are going fairly good with the new cook book, but occasionally I come up with a meal that isn’t so good.   Yesterday I made a chicken noodle soup which really tasted like dish water with some chicken and noodles in it.   Still, most of the meals have been very good and I am getting along fine.  

I have been using my CPAP machine and have pretty much adjusted to it.   Last night I got 9 ½ hours of sleep and awoke feeling amazing.   What’s better is that Melanie said I have completely stopped snoring which is giving my heart the break it needs to regain its strength.

Of course exercise has always been important in my life and I continue to train and have been pushing harder with my cardio.   Additionally I have been pushing a little harder with the weights, but the doctor doesn’t want me going too heavy so I am still not lifting nearly as heavy as before.   Still, just being back lifting does as much for me mentally as physically.   It’s just always an enjoyment for me spending some time in the gym.

So today I went to the cardiologists for the first time since I have been out of the hospital.   I am glad to say that I got a really good report back.   The doc said my EKG was fine, and that he would be raising the dosage on one of my meds that is used to strengthen my heart back up.   Additionally he is now having me lower my Lasix as he thinks my body can handle removing much of the water I was holding before.   This is a trial so I will be taking it every other day to see how I respond and then perhaps as needed if this is working.

The simple fact that I am improving has really helped my mental attitude.   While I was trying to stay positive, this report has really bolstered my spirits.

I will keep you posted as my journey progresses.



New Certification.

by Scott Garan on 10/19/17

So I'm adding a new certification as a fitness trainer which is Youth Fitness Trainer. Just finished the quizzes for the first two chapters. Hey, it's a start!