Specialist in Fitness Nutrition
Clients often need a fusion of both nutrition and exercise programming in order to achieve the results they desire. Whether you want to gain muscle, lose fat, or live healthily, the limiting factor usually lies beyond your exercise training program. Poor nutrition is what holds clients back. Good nutrition will feed muscle and shed fat. It's what will improve nearly every measurable health marker. Good nutrition is what will get you the body you never thought you could have.
At Garan Fitness, I don't write individual meal programs for my clients.  Instead, I TEACH them such things as how to properly plan your meals and what things you SHOULD be eating to get the results you want.   Proper nutrition is not some quick fix to help you reach a short time goal.   It MUST become a lifestyle.   By teaching my students how and what to eat and at what times, I am passing on a plan that will last a lifetime.

In addition to the basics of how and what to eat, I go further by teaching additional lessons such as how to properly shop.   This may sound silly, but look at your grocery store.   They are arranged so that the healthy things are on the outside isles with the less nutritious items being in the center.

Proper nutrition is 50% of the fitness battle.   Let a trainer that is certified in teaching these skills pass them onto you!   At Garan Fitness, you get a trainer that doesn't just make you lift weights, but someone that takes the time to taylor the fitness and nutrition plan to YOUR goals and needs.
Keeping the diet simple but effective is the key for success.   The Myplate formate is a great way to get the eating right, while keeping it simple enough to succeed.