Specialist in Exercise Therapy

The disabled and injured populations deserve the same respect that others do.   ALL people should be able to enjoy life to be fully happy.   Being a  Specialist in Exercise Therapy allows me a unique way to help those that may need extra help to get through any rehab issues they may have before being released by their insurance companies.

Lets face it!   Our insurance companies care about one thing!   MONEY!  They will short you on the benefits of Exercise Therapy to protect their pocket book.

I am the alternative!   Through my training I am certified to move you on to the next step.   While they may say you are ready to go back to work, you may feel that you are NOT!.   As a Specialist in Exercise Therapy, I can make a difference between you getting through life, and actually enjoying life!

If you need special attention GFC is the right place!   Check other trainers and I wil guarantee that very few have the certifications to help you with your issues.   One on One care is what Garan Fitness Consulting is all about, and I have the certifications and experienc to make your goals become a reality!
As a trainer certified in post exercise Therapy, it is my goal to keep you from this state in the picture.   Life is about enjoying every minute and this is NOT it!   Listen, the insurance companies will only give you so much time to rehab, but often times it's not enough!   That's where I step in.  I can expand upon what the rehab people were paid to do, and get you to place where you are an actually functioning person working around your injury, all at an affordable price.  Look around and see how many trainers out there are certified to help you rehab an injury.   Garan Fitness is different because I have the training and experience.   If you are someone that needs a little extra help after therapy, I am the one to see.