Youth Fitness Trainer
 Many young people participate in competitive athletics. They want to achieve health, fitness, and athletic success, and their parents support these goals. Children can benefit from the services of a personal trainer who has specific knowledge about youth fitness and performance, as well as more general knowledge of anatomy, physiology, exercise physiology, performance measurement, training, sports psychology, and sports nutrition.

Personal trainers can possess an impressive array of training, nutritional, and psychological tools to help young athletes excel. Unfortunately, coaches in high school and sports clubs are often poorly trained because of the sorry state of coaching education in the majority of American colleges and universities. This presents opportunities for personal trainers to fill the gap and help motivate young athletes to “be the best that they can be” on and off the playing field.

America is faced with an obesity epidemic that includes our youth. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ( report that 18 percent of school-aged children are obese and that the obesity rate exceeds 20 percent in nine states. Physical education programs in the schools continue to remain underfunded and often are administered by teachers with little training or practical experience in sports, physical training, and exercise physiology. Unfortunately, many children and adolescents are physically inactive; they will benefit from the services of a qualified personal trainer.

obesity: Excess bodyfat, typically defined as a bodyfat content that exceeds 20 percent in males and 30 percent in females.

Children with diabetes, asthma, spinal cord injury, amputation, mental retardation, or cerebral palsy will benefit from the services of a knowledgeable trainer.  I can help these young people improve their physical capacities for sport or for health and well-being.

At Garan Fitness, I am certified to train young athletes.   Remember, children are NOT just miniture adults.   Building a good foundation in a young athlete is paramount to thier success in the future.   Training younger athletes like adults can have serious ramifications up to and including death if they are mis-handled.   Younger athletes have many differences from their adult counter parts such as under developed cardiopulminary and resperitory systems to under developed temperature regulation centers.    As  a certified Youth Fitness Trainer i can design a program to help your child improve in general health as well as any sports specific goal.

Why allow someone that is not qualified to teach your child what he or she needs to SAFELY excell at his of her sport.   Chose a trainer that is skilled in training this special population!